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Eco-system restoration through community participation: Mangroves, Coral Reefs and Sea Grass:

   For the food security of coastal people, as well as as nurseries and fishing grounds for artisanal fisheries, the Gulf of Mannar's important coastal habitats such as coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangroves are essential. Such degraded habitat restoration would aid in restoring the ecological processes. In the Gulf of Mannar, the community is effectively engaged in coral rehabilitation and mangrove afforestation. The successful rehabilitation efforts for coral in India were first started in the Gulf of Mananr. With the involvement of local community, 70 Ha of Mangrove plantation were successfully developed in degraded areas 2022 to 2023. 600 sq M of  Coral Reef are restored through transplantation   from 2022 to 2023. 1000 Sq. Meters 248000 native trees were successfully planted in 2022-23.10 lakh native trees will be raising in nurseries for planting in the upcoming season.185 Ha of Prosopis julilfora were successful removed from Mangrove forest and Reserved forest in 2022-23.


Green Nature


0. Digging of Fish Bone Channel for Mangrove plantation .jpg

 Digging of Fish Bone Channel for Mangrove plantation 

 Seed collection of Mangroves 

 Seeds of Mangroves 

 Planting of mangrove seeds with community involvement 

 Mangrove Restoration  with help of indigenous people 


 Result of Mangrove Plantation efforts- 6 month old sapling 

Forest Path

Other than mangrove, 248000 native tree plantations



2. Substartes.JPG


 Slabs for transplantation 

 Local community participation in Coral Restoration 

 Transport of substrates on rafts 

 Deployment of substrates 

 Diver to arrange substrates underwater 

 Fixing fragments on slabs 

 Transport of slabs with fragments to restoration site 

 Transplanted fragments kept on already deployed substrates 

 Six months after transplantation 

 Invasive Removal 

1. Live Demonstrations of effect of invasive species on the Biodiversity .jpg

 Live Demonstrations of effect of invasive species on the Biodiversity 

4. assessment of invasive sea weed .jpg
3. assessment of inavsive sea weed.JPG

 Assessment the spread of invasive sea weed on coral reefs of Gulf of Mannar 


 Removal of invasive with the involvement of community 

6. Removal of Prosopis Julifora from Mangrove Forest and Reserve Forest-185 Ha of Invasive

 Removal of Prosopis Juliflora from Mangrove Forest and Reserve Forest 

Aerial View of a Mountain River

Future Plan-Nurseries of 10 lakhs native trees for

planting in upcoming season

Nursery of 10 lakhs native trees is being raised for planting in upcoming season .jpg


  • Planted 70 Ha of mangroves(70000 Seedlings),

  • Transplanted 600 Sq m of Corals &

  • 1000 Sq M of sea grasses

  • 900 Sq meter of Invasive alien species (Kappaphycus) was removed from coral Reef

  • 185 ha of invasive species are removed from land.

  • 248000 native trees are planted.

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