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Community involvement Wildlife Rescue and Release

102 marine wild animals are rescued in last twelve months at Biosphere . For the First time, fishermen rescuing the wild animal are rewarded and felicitated.  First 2 fishermen, involved in 2 dugong rescues, are felicitated by District Collector, Ramanathapuram on occasion of Independence Day in presence of large gathering. Second, on occasion of world wetland day,  Wildlife Warden and Director- Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Trust -GoMBRT, along with Wildlife Institute of India and Kadal Osai Radio, has felicitated 37 fishermen and staff who are instrumental in rescue and safe release of 4 Dugongs, 5 dolphins and 82 Sea turtles.  This has led to greater awareness and involvement of local community in the wildlife conservation.

         The biosphere Reserve has coastal boundary of more than 300 km in Ramanathapuram and few part of Tuticorin District (Operational area of Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Trust -GoMBRT). More than 2 lakhs fishermen are operating in this area. It is very essential to take on board the locals for wildlife and biodiversity conservation. Community awareness I carried out through various means such as Street Plays, campaigns, pledges, etc. Moreover, a  Community Radio station, such as Kadal osai FM 90.4, is being used to generate the awareness among local fishermen.


Two Dugongs rescued near Thondi area on 22-04 2022

One Dugong was rescued at Mookaiyur on 08-11-2022

One Dugong was rescued at Naripaiyur on 07-12-2022


One Dolphin was rescued at Naripaiyur on 19-11-2022

Two Dolphins were rescued at Seelameenpaadu on 16-11-2022 and 30-11-2022

81 turtles were rescued at different location in Ramanathapuram District


 Protection of Endangered Marine Species 


 Patrolling by Forest department to prevent hunting of endangered species  

 Mandapam Wildlife Range Officer Mahendran and his Team with wildlife offender 

Jagdish Sudhakar Bakan IFS, Wildlife Warden, checking the seized Boats involved in Wildlife Crime

Totally seized 11920 Kgs of wildlife articles and booked 109 wildlife crime cases in last 12 months

Habitual Offenders involved in Wildlife Crime were given Stringent Punishment under Goonda's Act( a Special Act which deals with serious crimes)


  • 102 Wildlife Animals were rescued by jointly Forest staff and community

  • 37 Fishermen were given cash rewards and certificates

  • A workshop on ‘Safe Rescue of Wildlife’ was conducted along with community Radio Station-KadalOsai

  • 24000 Turtle Hatchlings were released safely into the sea.

  • 109 Wildlife Crimes were detected with integrated patrolling.

  • 11920 Kgs of Wildlife articles were seized.

  • First time, One Habitual offender is booked under Goonda’s Act(an act to deal with grave crime) for wildlife crime in the biosphere

  • Joint patrolling was organized with six other security agencies operating the region

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